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 Values, management thought , group consciousness and regulation of conduct together  form Silimin corporate culture in the long process of scientific research,produce and management, which including Silimin Spirit, Silimin Mission, Talent concept, and Management philosophy. It is the soul of Silimin,and guiding the staff to be united and advancing boldly.

Silimin Spirit: 

Struggle unitedly, innovate pragmatically

Unity is strength, is the basic guarantee for doingwork well. "Unity brings cohesion, unity causes cambat efficiency,unity produces productive forces”;Struggle is devotion, is to be industrious,  having the unceasingly aggressive spirit ,and never surrendering despite difficulties.The force that comes from unity and struggle drive us to get victory in market competition ,and being developed

Mission of Silimin:

Provide the techology,equipment and service of measuring and controlling for electric power and other industries, try its best to work for the beautiful future of Chinese electric power automazation.Keeping the technology be in the lead is our foundation. We will carry out the theory exploration and knowledge innovation unceasingly in monitoring field,and import the the most advanced information , computer and test and control technology to our service field so as to form Silinin’s main techology and products.To lead Silimin to become the first-class international scientific research exploitation and high-tech industries base of electric power,then move to be a famous  multinational corporation by estate expanding and developing.

Talent concept: 

Talented person is the most important resource for Silimin, they are the direct creators of wealth for Silimin.

Silimin respect man-oriented HR management. It is making efforts to carry out the human resourse strategy of employing talent,depending on talents,training talents, inspiring talents and respecting talents. By providing good work environment, offering personal development chance and making the payment according to achievement to make sure to keep the talents by career, emotion, treatment and mechanism.
The development of enterprise like sailing against the current, either you keeping going ahead or you will fall behind. Employee's intense sense of responsibility and prevention consciousness are the important thought and culture basis for Silimin to hold a dominant position all the time in the fierce market competition.

Management philosophy: 

Meet consumer’s demand,and make consumers satisfied; Keep profit and estate scale increasing continually and stably.
Silimin is cooperateing with customer sincerely,taking customer’s eagerness into consideration and realizing customer ideal,and to become trusting cause cooperator of the extensive consumer.
Expand the range of services and the scope of business step by step and take the enterprise sustainable development seriously to bring lasting and rich repayment to customers,and make contribution for country's economy and technology development.