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Energy management system
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SLM1300 energy management system, is the Slimin power company in combination with customer energy management needs, more than and 10 years experience in the field to run rich and technical R & D strength, success for the user to build a set of energy management system. According to the different needs of each industry, SLM1300 energy management system is divided into campus energy-saving supervision system, building energy management system, vehicle energy management system, energy management system, airport petrochemical energy management system, energy management system, energy management and power station.
SLM1300 energy management system is not only the core concept: energy saving, but the system to enhance the overall efficiency of enterprises and management level; not only is passive to reduce energy loss, and is more active to improve energy use.
The main achievement of SCADA, video linkage, protection and management, DTS training simulation, power PAS advanced applications and data dictionary establishment and maintenance, monitoring and analysis, environmental energy efficiency benchmarking, energy balance, energy management optimization plan management, quality management, energy consumption statistics and analysis, energy performance, energy management, cost management, KPI energy forecast, demand management, energy audit, GIS management, a full range of privilege management.
3, technical characteristics
A, open platform, support SCADA, intelligent buildings and other systems, with hundreds of kinds of drive interface, support for custom development driven.
B, SVG graphics technology, the perfect processing vector graphics, no matter what size of the screen, zoom ratio or resolution, but also the perfect reduction graphics, support rendering, technology, support cross platform access.
C, intelligent energy consumption, timing control technology to achieve energy saving system.
D, support PC client, IE browser, WeChat, APP browse a variety of platforms, a full range of control energy management system.
E, intelligent cloud platform, unlimited enterprise and energy consumption point access, low cost access system, so that each enterprise can quickly have energy management platform.
F, intelligent energy management online experts, for your energy consumption equipment checks, so that enterprises can achieve a reasonable value of energy efficiency.

Application example: comprehensive solution for building power and energy monitoring
The urban complex is based on the architectural complex.,Integration of commercial retail, commercial office, hotel catering, apartment house, integrated entertainment are the five core functions of  the architectural complex. Has the ground, the underground floor, the building area is wide, the distribution system is dispersed, the interface intelligent system complex and diverse and so on.
Si Limin SLM1300 energy management platform based on the B/S architecture, with strong ability of communication access, data acquisition of each intelligent subsystem to facilitate the completion of construction of buildings, all the energy consumption data in a unified platform, and through the platform provided by the analysis tools, analysis of building energy consumption in the online statistics. Present a variety of energy consumption report, curve graphic display and shops billing statements and other functions for user management. At the same time the platform also supports the mobile Internet function, the important energy consumption data can be presented to the user through the mobile terminal or APP. To facilitate users to grasp the situation of energy consumption and equipment operating conditions any time and any place.