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Network Time Synchronization System
Publish Date:2016-11-29 23:16    Viewed times:     作者:admin    

The series of STM2100 is one of the most comprehensive and accurate sysytem for time synchronization. It aimed at provide a  better service for  financial industry、telecommunications、traffic  and medical treatment system.  For protect the safety of information ,we are using the latest

 techonology of integratiom of circuits .Combine the techology features of  BeiDou 、GPS and network PTP\NTP to realize the better performance.


The series of STM2100  is  using the time service of SNTS as main unit ; Using PTP/NTP/GPS/BeiDou/CDMA/IRIG-B/OCXO to express time singnal and information to the computer and other devieces.

The power dissipation of this product is tiny. When the machine workes , It is stable and reliable.
The series of SNTS network time service is one of the product of SILIMIN Ltd.  It can be used as first-class time service  or  PTP/NTP  time service which can be expanded as what you need .