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Application of synchronous display in Changbaishan Airport
Publish Date:2016-11-29 16:20    Viewed times:     作者:admin    

Changbaishan Airport (IATA:NBS; ICAO:ZYBS) is China's first forest tourism airport. The airport is located in Changbai Mountain Songjiang Fusong Baishan City County, Jilin Province town protection Development Zone pond West, West 15 km from the Changbai Mountain scenic area, scenic North 120 kilometers, 135 kilometers south of scenic spots. Changbaishan Airport terminal area of about 8900 square meters, according to the 4C standard construction of Changbaishan Airport airport, terminal area of about 8900 square meters, there are 2 boarding bridges, runway 2800 meters long, and the same with the modernization of Longjia airport departure system. At the same time, provide all kinds of safety air guide equipment. Boeing 737, Airbus 319, 321, 320 and other aircraft.
In September 2016, the implementation of STRS time synchronization display system provided by  the Shenzhen silimin Electric Power  Automation Co. Ltd. has been through formal acceptance, the project products including SNTS network time server time synchronization unit 1 set SLED2010 time synchronization unit 28 sets, 36 sets of SLED2020 time synchronization unit. The Silimin on-site technical personnel carefully survey the scene, together with the owners of units planned time display installation location of the display unit, provides accurate data for airport of the whole network, provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation time of airport intelligent system.