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Electric power communication management machine

        SPC1000 communication management machine is an important part of the power distribution automation system, the completion of information interaction between the microcomputer protection and automatic device, control of intelligent electronic device and host computer system, automation system of power network. To realize the exchange of information to the host computer and the network transfer to the host computer, so as to form a fully distributed RTU communication system. 

         SPC1000 communication management machine is a highly integrated 32-bit embedded intelligent communication device, support domestic various communication protocol to realize all kinds of automatic equipment and system host computer system information transmission, synthesis, editing, management and equipment monitoring function. In the small automation system directly collect field data for all devices, and specified by the user communication protocols and communication media (Ethernet, RS232 / 422/485, etc.)to the monitoring background, to Complete the monitoring of the entire scene.In the large system, it can be used as a functional sub-station, interval layer, through the layers of the classification of data to achieve the classification, in the direction of transmission.

Technical characteristics

◇ The 32 bit high performance microcontroller and Nucleus operating system as a platform to realize the multiple tasks, communication program based on message queue, object-oriented programming, communication port, communication protocol are separate objects, between separately;

◇ Communication function real-time reliability;

◇ Up to 3 Ethernet, 10 RS232/485 serial port, 2 CAN network port, serial type software optional;

All interfaces with photoelectric isolation and surge protection measures, maximum transmission 115.2kbps, with flexible online and offline debug method and reliable program upgrade and download the parameters and data query

functions, meet the requirements of a rapidly changing era of network information;

◇ With strong self diagnosis and self recovery function, when subjected to external disturbance or other causes the program runs into an error, the system can recover on their own in a very short period of time;

◇ 19 inch 1U Rackmount chassis standard;

◇ The precise synchronization of time can be completed by the pulse input function, which is used in the occasions of high accuracy requirement of the power system and the scientific research unit;

◇ Support the common industrial field and power specifications: Such as Modbus, 101, 102, 103, 104, CDT, etc;

Flexible software interface can be provided for user-secondary customized development;

◇ Optional FLASH as the user data storage media, the maximum capacity of up to 2M;

◇ AC and DC power supply, in line with the design standards for electric power system to meet the power system IV EMC level, anti interference design in line with the relevant standards of the electric power industry;

◇ Broad working environment:-40℃~+85℃; 5%-95%(No condensation).

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