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Time Synchronization Secondary Clock

Typical functions

◇ SDTD series secondary clock adopt highlight traditional Nexie tubes in time display,color 

options: red, white and blue;

◇ SLED series secondary clock adopt LED dot matrix modules in time display;Time format options: HH:mm, HH:mm:ss, yyyy-

◇ MM-dd HH:mm:ss, date;

◇ Support NTP/SNTP, serial message signals to synchronize time;

◇ Independent timing function, self-propelled time will display without external reference;

◇ Infrared telecontroller,  for luminance adjustment and time calibration;

◇ Aluminium chassis, delicate interfaces and attractive surface; small overall power consumption, NO FAN design with stable operation;

◇ Customized single or double display, showing size and time format;

◇ Optional installation: wall-hanging, hoisting, rack-mounting;

◇ Provide integrated management software, to realize online monitor, parameter setting and function management;

◇ Anti-interference design meets the following regulations: 


GB/T14598.10-1996、GB/T 14598.13-1998、

GB/T14598.14-1998、IEC 60255-22-5:2002、

IEC 60255-22-6:2001、IEC 60255-22-7:2003。


Technical features

◇ High synchronizition accuracy with reference time signals, prior to ±0.2μs;

◇ Adopt bulid-in CortexTM-M3 ARM processor with excellent computer performance and advanced interruptin response system;

◇ High electromagnetic compatibility, electrical isolated interface channel, electromagnetic interference is up to Ш level;

◇ Self-ret processing ability, automatically judge external inferences, soft reset to normal operating condition;

◇ High-performance and wide-range input switchs, ensure stable power supply;

◇ Intelligent tame algorithm, precisely synchonizing time-keeping output signals and external time reference;

◇ Supprt serial port timing protocols, the deviation <0.2ms;

◇ Support NTP protocol, the accuracy is up to 1~10ms;

◇ Independent self-timing function, the accuracy is at ±5ppm (±0.432s/d)


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