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Public Safety Management System Software

        SPBS 2000 series of environmental monitoring and information publishing software using VC programming, based on windows family of operating systems, the design view is broad, friendly man-machine interface, easy operation, easy maintenance, to meet the needs of the user.The software not only with perfect data processing,event records, historical records, print management, monitoring interface function, also have equipment management, information release, voice broadcast management, safety evacuation strategies,such an advanced function module, is convenient for the user to quickly build including environmental monitoring test, fire control, safety evacuation management, information broadcast monitoring system.

Technological properties

◇ Simple and flexible visual interface

◇ Real time and excellent parallel processing performance

◇ Rich and vivid multimedia picture

◇ Open architecture, extensive data acquisition and powerful data processing functions

◇ Perfect security mechanism;

◇ Strong network function;

◇ Diversified alarm function;

◇ Good maintainability and extensibility;

◇ Real time database provides a great convenience for users to step configuration;

◇ Support a variety of hardware devices, to achieve the device independent";

◇ Convenient control of complex operation process;

◇ Using database to manage the data storage, the system reliability is high;

◇ Object component library is set up, and the configuration is simple and convenient;

◇ Mplementation of distributed control and management of the monitoring system.


Typical functions

◇ With professional and perfect SCADA function 

◇ Provide a comprehensive fire and environmental monitoring professional graphics, reports, curves / stick figure, statistical analysis and other graphics development plug-ins;

◇ The use of transparent data management, object-oriented database description, making real-time and historical database to define thework more simple and convenient;

◇ The use of ADO, COM, TCP/IP and other standard open interface technology, and other systems for seamless connection;

◇ Extensive support for the standard CDT, 

◇ MODBUS, IEC101/103/104 and other communication protocols;

◇ Embedded report generation system, improve the efficiency of report production, and support for timing and call print output;

◇ Provide sequential control function, batch processing, and can monitor the implementation of simulation;

◇ Support for the operation of anti false locking, locking live pull together knife gate, and to support the custom conditions of operation blocking;

◇ Provide time management capabilities, support for serial messages, network NTP release of the standard time information;

◇ Provide voice broadcast management function to achieve real-time, timing, fixed point, the overall release of voice broadcast;

◇ Provide equipment management function, support the call to modify the equipment set value, call the fault information, equipment listing;

◇ Support dual redundancy, multi machine hot standby, automatic switching;

◇ Have single, distributed network, cascade network and other monitoring methods;

◇ Provide flexible and diverse security measures;

◇ Not depend on the hardware system, can be used in a variety of hardware platforms;

◇ Based on the distributed network system, the data and process can be dynamically migrated;

◇ With remote system maintenance, system debugging, software update, troubleshooting and other functions;

◇ Support  Independent development and dynamic loading of system function.

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